78 Common Mistakes in OET: Avoid These Errors to Excel in Your Exam

Common Mistakes in OET

Attention Doctors!

Picture this: you’re in the OET examination center, your heart pounding, and suddenly, you realize you’ve fallen for common mistakes.

Not nice, right?

So wouldn’t it be good if you could prevent all those from happening by simply reading an article?

In the next lines, you will learn what are the 78 common errors in OET that weaken your performance in less than 2 minutes.

Common Mistakes in OET Reading


  • Not properly managing the time available for Part A
  • Bringing any medical knowledge into the test
  • Not properly analyzing the fill in the blanks questions using grammar rules
  • Not fully understanding what the short questions are asking you to do
  • Prioritizing the matching exercises before other sections
  • Being too specific in part B
  • Being too general in part C
  • Focusing on completing all questions within the time limit instead of aiming for accuracy within a longer timeframe.
  • Not working on your reading speed rate
  • Reading word by word instead of using a more efficient reading strategy.
  • Reading the whole text before reading the questions
  • Misinterpreting the text by not reading it in a more literal manner.
  • Poor time management
  • Insufficient practice with different question types
  • Not knowing the difference between reference and inference questions
  • Adopting the same mindset of Latin Doctors
  • Inability to make connections between different paragraphs

Common Mistakes in OET Listening

  • Not having a good grasp of the cockney accent
  • Incorrect analysis of the questions
  • Failure to follow the instructions
  • Difficulty in recognizing specific details
  • Inability to identify common words used in laypeople consultations.
  • Limited knowledge of phrasal verbs and idioms
  • Difficulty in recognizing and understanding tones such as ambiguity, sarcasm, and others conveyed through intonation.
  • Difficulties to understand thick accents 
  • Not being able to follow answers when they come randomly 
  • Low concentration levels
  • Not being aware of the transcription method
  • Lack of attention to context and background information
  • Improper analysis of the type of consultation in part A
  • Unable to distinguish some subtle key sentences used in part B
  • Struggling to listen to long lectures while simultaneously reading questions and providing answers.
  • Inadequate use of prediction and inference skills
  • Difficulty with understanding idiomatic expressions or figurative language
  • Inability to distinguish minimal pairs
  • Lack of familiarity with medical or healthcare terminology

Common Mistakes in OET Writing


  • Using incorrect prepositions
  • Misspelling
  • Mixing up formal and informal language registers
  • Lacking of clarity
  • Not utilizing appropriate linking words
  • Adding irrelevant information from the case notes
  • Failing to include relevant information from the case notes
  • Using the wrong date in the header
  • Not fully addressing the task
  • Not having a proper template for referral letters
  • Not having a proper template for emergency letters
  • Not having a proper template for discharge letters
  • Incorrect word choice
  • Insufficient development of ideas
  • Overuse of complex sentence structures
  • Failure to adhere to the word limit
  • Poor paragraph structure
  • Lack of logical sequencing of ideas
  • Inconsistent use of capitalization and punctuation
  • Mixing American x British English
  • Failure to review your errors
  • Running out of time to finish the task

Common Mistakes in OET

Mistakes in OET Speaking

  • Not being able to manage time effectively during a consultation
  • Excessive Hesitation during the role play
  • Not fully addressing the role play card task
  • Lack of appropriate connecting words during speaking.
  • Lack of confidence in your voice
  • Making too many basic mistakes
  • Overuse of fillers 
  • Not using appropriate register and tone
  • Overuse of memorized responses
  • Inability to paraphrase or rephrase
  • Sounding too colloquial
  • Asking misleading questions to the patient
  • Lack of active listening skills
  • Not utilizing the 3 minutes given to read each role play card effectively.
  • Failing to request the interlocutor to slow down or speak clearly during the warm-up questions.
  • Inefficient not taking during the 3 minutes given before each role play starts
  • Not being able to finish the consultation properly due to the 5 minute time limit
  • Not moving fast enough during the consultation so all tasks from the role play card get addressed
  • Sounding too monotonous and robotic during the role play
  • Not using key phrases to build empathy

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