How to Properly Prepare for CELPIP Canada?

Celpip Canada

Whether you are applying for citizenship or professional reasons.
The best way to certify your English level in Canada is by taking the CELPIP. Learn everything about this exam and how to prep in order to achieve a reasonable score. Enjoy your read!

What is the CELPIP?

CELPIP stands for Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. A set of specific tests for those who need to attest to their English proficiency level in Canada.

The test is designed and administered by Paragon Testing Enterprise. A company which was founded at British Columbia University. CELPIP objectively assesses the candidate’s language skills through daily situations such as communication at the workplace, daily conversations, and understanding the news.

Who accepts CELPIP Canada, and Why take it?

Non-governmental organizations, corporations, and universities accept all versions of the CELPIP.

The main reason people take the test is to apply for residency programs in the country, that might be your case. IRCC (Immigrants, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) utilizes the scores and results on the exam for the following processes:

    • Permanent Resident Status;
    • Canadian Citizenship;
    • Visa Program.
    • If you are already a PR cardholder, the exam will also help you to out stand in the professional environment.
      Some of the professional organizations that demand their affiliates to take the test are:

 REBC – Real Estate Council of British Columbia
                     FMRAC – Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada.

Celpip Canada

If your goal is to be admitted to a college or university. It’s important to know that most of those institutions also accept the exam as proof of your English proficiency.

Therefore, especially for those who live in Canada as immigrants, taking the CELPIP is a must to guarantee housing and professional qualification in the country.

CELPIP Advantages

CELPIP reached the status of the main proficiency exam in Canada. This is because of its qualities when it comes to the test application and objectiveness.

The test is 100% computer-based, but it must be taken in one of the test centers. Those are spread across the country and the world. In addition, this test was planned to be a one-time session. This prevents the candidate from having to take each part of the test on a different day.

The vocabulary utilized in the CELPIP Canada is not mechanized. All questions are based on North American English used on a daily basis. This approach makes them easy to understand and relevant to the scenario. On top of that, the test correction is quite fast, and it takes only 4 to 5 days for the results to be released.

Which of the two tests to take?

Before signing up for the exam, you must know which of the two CELPIP options suits you best.

CELPIP – General Test

The General Test is the full version of it. It is widely used by those who are applying for citizenship, besides helping with professional qualifications.

 The exam evaluates the candidate’s reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. Its total length is of 3 hours divided into:

  • 47 to 55 minutes listening to audio tracks and answering questions related to them;
  • 55 to 60 minutes reading and answering questions related to the texts presented;
  • 53 to 60 minutes answering questions and issues in a written form;
  • 15 to 20 minutes answering questions orally.

This version of the CELPIP comes at CAD 280 plus taxes.

CELPIP – General LS Test

The second option for CELPIP is called General LS Test. It is designed for those who want to either request citizenship or land a job in companies where such advanced English level is not demanded.

Once this option is a simplified version of the first one, the exam focus only on speaking and listening. So it lasts for about 1 and 20 min divided into 47-55 min of listening and answering questions and 15-20 min of answering oral questions.

The test fee for the General LS Test comes at CAD195 plus taxes.

Getting ready for the test

Reaching a good score on CELPIP can be life-changing, therefore, good preparation is a must.

CELPIP Sample Test

For you to have a good understanding of your English level when compared to the test. We recommend you to take the CELPIP Sample Test which is provided by the official test maker

With the results from the CELPIP Practice Test. You will know in which parts of the exam you are still not clear on and need to improve. So you will be able to adjust your study plan according to your weakest areas.

Additionally, this sample not only helps you with your focus area but also gets you familiarized with the format and time length of the exam.

CELPIP test booking

Once you have chosen the test option that suits you according to your needs. You will be able to choose the test date and location…

Do not worry about not being able to book it…

Tests can be taken throughout the year in several locations and on different dates.

There is a countless number of test centers in Canada. In addition, you can take it in one of the following countries.

  • Singapore
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Philippines
  • India
  • China
  • EUA

Available test dates and time vary according to your location. They can be seen on CELPIP official website.

The test day

After all the CELPIP preparation…

Bear in mind what mandatory requirements you must follow, so they do not disqualify you.

You must bring a photo ID. It needs to be the same one you used to sign up for the test. In addition, bring either a digital or printed copy of the confirmation email.

Further information:

  • You must arrive up to 45 min before the beginning of the exam, delays will not be tolerated;
  • It’s forbidden to remove material from the test room, engage in conversations with other test-takers, eat or drink during the test;
  • You are not allowed to bring to the test room any electronic devices, wristwatches, notes of any kind, pencils, or pens.

Getting ready for the CELPIP? Learn more about Us

As you realized by now…
Getting prepared for the CELPIP requires a lot of dedication.
You can count on us to make your Canadian Dream come true.

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