Updated on 05/04/2024

Have you been living in Canada for a while now and need to take the CELPIP English Test?

Many heard from friends and co-workers that the test is a way easier than IELTS. So they end up underestimating its difficulty and fail.

Although, CELPIP English test might seem easier than its competitor for MANY

You have to keep in mind that any proficiency test in the world follows the CEFR (Common European Framework) at the end of the day. So they are easier in some aspects and hard in others.

BUT, Mr. Rob  I went to college in Canada, shouldn’t it be easier for me?

Not necessarily. The fact you went to college, possess an Advanced English Level or so does not matter much when you don’t understand how they are testing you and what you are expected to do.

For example, can every American score 1600 on the SAT out 1600?


Can every American write a perfect essay?

No, right! But aren’t they Americans?

Well here comes the truth, being able to speak the language is only of one of the many facets needed to succeed in those tests as there are other important skills involved.

Why you should stop looking for CELPIP Preparation Material

CELPIP Preparation Material is mostly irrelevant, when you don’t actually understand the dynamics of the test and have no one to guarantee that what you found on the web is following the same parameters of the CELPIP.

Why am I saying this?

Let me tell you a story of a student who took the OET (Another proficiency test but for health professionals who want to revalidate their diploma) a long time ago.

She signed up for one of those online platforms, did all possible exercises on it and designed a strategy based on what she saw their.

To her surprise, on the test day many of the things she got used to doing and aligned with her strategy happened in a completely different way in the official test. As a result, she failed on that specific day.

How can Mr. Rob and his team members help you?

Over the years, Curso para IELTS has gathered an ELITE team made up of former IELTS and Cambridge examiners like Mr Rob and Mr.Stephen who have been teaching for exams such CELPIP for more than 20 years.

These Native Instructors are gifted when it comes to coaching foreign students on how to pass on the CELPIP and other tests. As their background allows them to see the exam from the perspective of who grades it and not from who takes it.

This combination led us to numerous successful stories as the one from Gimena.

“I can’t thank Rob enough. He patiently helped to overcome my difficulties and encouraged me when I felt I wasn’t going to make it”

Or the one from David

“It amazes me how knowledge Mr Rob and Mr Stephen are about CELPIP. Not to mention how simple they make the entire learning process”

Learn all the 9 secret strategies used by over 1972 people who passed CELPIP General 

Rob and Stephen have been honing over the last decade some strategies they learned during a trip to Beijing.

There they met a Chinese linguist who discovered a new way to take CELPIP with a 92% passing grade in all skills no MATTER the test.

At that time the 2 tutors were intrigued by the claim from this LINGUIST. And once they realized he was telling the truth, they BEGGED him to teach them.

So after insisting on it too many times, the LINGUIST called Mr Chen gave in and decided to teach them.

In the following 3 days, they learned 13 strategies based on principles that are IGNORED by western people, but make ASIAN succeed on the test.

Are you ready to change your life?

Rob and Stephen like to focus on TRANSFORMATION  rather than volume, so they only take a limited number of CELPIP students per year.

If you are really serious about changing your life and getting your Canadian PR.

If you are sick and tired of taking the CELPIP General multiples times and not reaching your score.

If you are missing out on job opportunities as you can’t attest your proficiency in the language in Canada

Apply NOW by clicking below to our one-to-one coaching sessions with one of the our 2 top experts in CELPIP. Fill out the form below


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