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How to improve your IELTS Listening Score General


A few years ago, I came across a student who had tried to do every single possible exercise – BUT could not improve his IELTS Listening Score General for immigration.

Just like you have – he did spelling exercises, official IELTS exercises, past paper exercises, watched a lot of tv and NOTHING seemed to work.

So if you also have beliefs such as:

I will NEVER score an 8 on IELTS listening;

It’s so DIFFICULT to understand British English;

I easily get DISTRACTED during the listening;

I ALWAYS miss out on those tiny little words that answer the question;

Stay with me, and in the next lines, we WILL…

Solve this problem once and for all.

You are going to LEARN my secret listening hack that will boost your listening skills like crazy.


Listening is the KING of all skills

Picture yourself being able to understand every single word in a bar conversation, at work or on your IELTS Test…

How different your life would be – once you really know what people are talking – not only CONTEXT.

No more feeling of being left out – when everyone laughs at a joke that only you didn’t get.

No more shaking or crying during the IELTS LISTENING test

Listening is as important to English as the Queen is to England

Just like the Queen is a symbol of the monarchy, listening is a key tool for learning a language.

Think about it…

When you were a child, you started your communication with the world by listening, not speaking.

You used to listen and copy everything your parents said, didn’t you?

This is a natural learning process that all of us use to LEARN our native languages. But…

GREEDY Traditional language schools taught us the opposite. 

So they could keep profiting from us over the years.

They made us believe – listening to scripted conversations was the way to go.

This approach transformed us into limited language ROBOTS… and unable to deal with the unexpected.

Johnny is book smart, BUT not street smart

During my time as a teacher, I commonly saw people like Johnny…

A 39-year-old lawyer, who only studied English in a traditional school for many years, BUT

Whenever he found himself in a real-life situation, this man panicked.

The last time WAS

When he went to London on vacation and proudly told everyone:

After studying English for 15 years, I am ready to socialize with British People.

However, the REALITY was a far cry from it.

Once he got there, his first experience was on the subway…

He sat right next to a cute red-haired boy and tried to TALK to him..

To his surprise, the little one in a fast-paced manner AND…

Obviously, he didn’t get a word from the conversation…


He got off the train and walked towards his hotel…

He was intrigued by why he could understand people in his English course, on BBC but not the LOCALS.

This problem persisted for many days UNTIL…

One day….

Johnny went to a local cafe in the morning and the waiter repeatedly asked:

Waiter: To ear or to go?

What is that? Said Johnny

Waiter: To ear or to go?

After listening to it 4 or 5 times, Johnny asked:

Can you explain it to me, please?

The waiter politely explained that in the UK, local people do not pronounce the letter H at the beginning of words.

So the phrase to here or to go (shorter version of do you want to eat here or take it home) SOUNDS

To ear or to go…

This is called COCKNEY, a kind of British working-class accent.


The Biggest Discovery

Johnny realized that to understand real people – you need to talk to REAL people.

So during the next days of his stay. He paid careful attention to how LOCALS talked and asked them to repeat things multiple times.

The more the days went by, the more he improved.

So once he returned to his home country, he thought to himself:

What if I add credits to my SKYPE and start calling people in English Speaking countries?

I could give a barbershop or a clothing store a ring and ask about their services.

He carried out this experiment for 3 months AND….

When he sat for the IELTS Exam

The results were absolute MIND-BLOWING.

Especially, in the skill that was his Achilles tendon.

His IELTS listening score general WAS a 9

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Talking to people on the streets is different from talking to people in the classroom

In the same way…

Listening for IELTS is different from listening for other PURPOSES.

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