How to Study Medicine at Oxford? Graduation in Medicine!

Medicine in Oxford

Have you ever thought about studying at the best university in the world? Learn HERE all possible ways… A foreign student can be admitted into this FAMOUS institution and… Make this dream of studying medicine at OXFORD came true. Enjoy your reading!

Oxford University

Oxford University’s history sends us back to 1096… In that year, you have the first documents that show the presence of education in the city. All this tradition makes the university… The OLDEST English-speaking one in the world.

Medicine in Oxford

The legendary setting has been through historical facts that became memorable to humankind, such as:

A dispute between a professor and the Vatican in the 14th century. So the bible could be translated into English.

Holy Inquisition judgments. These led people to be burned in the university courtyard.

But it was…

In the Victorian age that OXFORD took its leading role that lasts up to this day.

It made the campus not only the home to an old university but also… Home to an internationally renowned institution… Where… Lots of people dream of going, and the admission process is… Strict…which ensures its high standards of education.

Its high quality of education can be seen through its position in international rankings such as… Time Higher Education, which ranked Oxford in first place in 2020.

This publication lists the best universities in the world based on their academic reputation, number of studies, and citations in studies from other institutions.

Study Medicine in an International Setting

On the top of all qualifications that attest the quality of education at Oxford. This university is also known for having a welcoming culture and openness to foreigners. This combination makes it the perfect environment for cultural exchange programs.

According to 2018 statistics, Oxford has 11930 undergraduate and 11813 graduate students currently enrolled. Out of those 43% are international students coming from over 140 countries and regions. This guarantees the international status of the university.

Oxford University: medicine

This historical top-tier university wouldn’t be able to ignore one of the crucial study areas for human development: MEDICINE. Oxford Medical University ranks 2nd among the best medical schools in the world. The college’s medical department is…

Part of the medical sciences division, and its… The mission is to face the biggest health challenges globally, integrating basic and innovative biology with cutting-edge medical research. Among the world-renowned educational programs, the ones that stand out are:

Cardiovascular sciences;

Diabetes and Endocrinology;




How to study medicine in Oxford?

Once you established that your goal is to study medicine at Oxford. You should observe the specific information regarding the tests you will have to take… In your country and which ones are accepted by the university.

The scores on those tests are one of the items to be analyzed for your admission process. If the tests applied in your country aren’t accepted. You will have to take either the SAT or ACT exams. Both exams will test your reading comprehension, math, science, and writing skills.

Among the things you will need for your admission process at Oxford are:

  • High School transcript;
  • High School diploma;
  • English proficiency certificate;
  • Personal Statement, explaining why you are applying;
  • Recommendation letter, written by a professor and influential people.

Besides those items mentioned above… For you to be considered for a place at Oxford Medical School, you must show you excelled in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Math.


Oxford University analyzes applications one by one and…

They are looking for people with a specific set of skills, academic potential, and…

That show a strong interest in the area.

Admission Criteria

Even if you show all the documents and desired grades, other factors related to your personality are also taken into account. Here are them:

  • Empathy: your ability to put yourself in other people’s shoes
  • Motivation: show a strong desire to work as a doctor;
  • Communication: your ability to transfer your knowledge clearly;
  • Honesty and Integrity;
  • Ethical awareness;
  • Teamwork skills;
  • Critical thinking and Analytical approach;
  • Intellectual Curiosity: the desired to peruse the reasons for scientific observations;

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

The cost of studying at Oxford is divided into university tuition and the cost of living in the UK. Neither is CHEAP. An estimate shows that the annual cost of doing an undergraduate program at Oxford comes between 24.000 to 34.000 pounds per year.

However… You can ease this process if you get a scholarship. The institution offers scholarships for extraordinary students during the enrollment process… And… Makes clear that it is for only very few students. So Oxford suggests you explore the student loans available in the UK.

How to Immigrate to Study in England

All this effort to be admitted at Oxford University will be pointless if… You don’t have the proper visa. After being approved, you must apply for a Tier 4 visa. This is a long-term visa for either undergraduate or graduate students. It allows you to work up to 20 hours a week.

It’s recommendable that you apply for it 3 months before the course. Here are some of the basic requirements:

  • Valid Passport;
  • Health Insurance;
  • Proof of Enrollment;
  • Oxford acceptance letter;
  • Proof of Financial Resources (minimum of 945 euros monthly).

Master the English Language

For foreign students, unless you come from an English-speaking country, an English proficiency test features among… The pre-requisites for your admission process at Oxford medical school.

 IELTS is the main international exam in the UK

 So getting a high score on it is your… First step to study medicine at Oxford.

Hard yes, Impossible NO

To be able to study in the best university in the world is not an easy task… But NOW… You already know what has to be done if you want to be accepted in Medicine at Oxford. So… Go after your DREAMS!

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