Don’t let your PTE dreams slip away – with US, you can get the help you need to reach success. 

Our premier course will give you access to our rarely-seen teaching methods and a one-to-one coaching system to supercharge your PTE Score. 

With our help, you can finally make your dreams of moving to Australia come true.

About the PTE Exam and its Significance

PTE was created by Pearson in 2009  under endorsement from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) which is responsible for the GMAT.

This is a 2-and-a-half-hour test with no human correction trusted by over 6000 organizations including the government council of different countries. PTE just like OET, IELTS, or TOEFL uses the CEFR as a parameter.

Any foreigner who does not hold a high school diploma from a recognized institution based in an English Speaking Country or a college degree in some cases needs to take the test.

Our PTE Preparation Course

Imagine being able to pick up on the brains of instructors who have over 2795 hours of PTE teaching experience. These guys have helped over 7897 students to score beyond their wildest dreams and will deliver you what you need in simple baby steps after a proper evaluation.

This is what our preparation is about: SIMPLICITY and EFFECTIVENESS done FAST.

 Access to Extensive Study Materials

Our students receive  1-year access to our e-learning platform where we publish lots of videos, pdfs, and debate things that revolve around changes in the test.

Benefits of Enrolling in Our PTE Preparation Course

  • Tailor-made classes according to your target score and objectives
  • Learn from former IELTS examiners who not only took but also nailed the PTE over 20 times
  • Learn all the proven strategies that helped hundreds and hundreds of test takers to succeed regardless of their English level
  • Learn from patient tutors who will teach you step by step with no rush, pressure, and in the most didactic way
  • Specific methodology for STEM professionals 
  • Specific methodology for Health professionals
  • Specific methodology for IT professionals
  • Specific methodology for Communication professionals

 Experienced Instructors with Expertise in PTE

In 2009, PTE Academic was launched by Pearson. In the same year, we started to see a growing demand for PTE preparation as the Australian Government was accepting it for student visas.

As you can imagine, when new tests are launched into the market there is an absolute lack of preparation material, specific books, and so on. 

Predicting this ever-increasing demand for PTE classes our company’s founder decided on putting together a squad of elite teachers to create the PBI

What is the PBI?

PBI is our PTE bureau of investigation, a group that has been investigating on a monthly basis any micro-changes that occur in the exam since 2009 to serve our team with such valuable data in order to develop cutting-edge material based on what really works, no B.S

The PBI members are former IELTS  and Cambridge examiners who have been teaching English for examinations for over 15 years that also hold CELTA and TESOL certifications.

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Customized Learning Plans to Suit Your Needs

Discover the magic within you!

 Our special classes and course curriculum are made just for you, helping you uncover your amazing talents and skills for the PTE Exam. We have lots of cool things to teach you, like awesome PTE tricks, and secret strategies that can help you with any challenges you face in the PTE test. 

Get ready for an exciting adventure where you’ll learn everything about the test. 

 Step into a world where reaching any score you want is possible. 

Join our exclusive PTE classes, where Immigration dreams come true. 

Don’t wait, keep reading to find out more about some of the topics we will cover!

PTE Speaking Module: Enhancing Fluency and Pronunciation

  • Learn which exercises belong to the 25% group you should skip and why
  • Learn why 99,9% of the students fear the describe image when they should be laughing at it
  • Learn the 9 biggest myths never revealed by those so-called PTE teachers on the internet
  • Learn how a teacher scored 65+ on the speaking section only talking about nonsense stuff

PTE Writing Module: Strategies and Practice for Excellent Scores


  • Learn the 7 mistakes all engineers and IT professionals make and how that destroys their score
  • Learn the secret template that led over 7897 students to score 79+
  • Learn how to write in a way that the computer loves 
  • Learn why being a native speaker in the PTE doesn’t matter at all 

PTE Reading Module: Techniques for Effective Comprehension

  • Learn about a musical device that can supercharge your reading speed
  • The 3 secrets we learned from a Guinness Record holder for Memory

PTE Listening Module: Strengthening Listening Skills

  • Learn the listening exercise that accounts for 50% of your writing score
  • Learn why doing PTE listening exercises will not help you to get better

Who Should Enroll in Our PTE Preparation Course?

  • Anyone who innocently believes they will score high on the PTE once they are fluent in English
  • Anyone who took the test several times and still hasn’t reached their target score
  • Any person who wants to immigrate to Australia through a skilled independent visa or job offer
  • Any person who wants to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry or the Atlantic Program ( as of Oct, this is when Canadian authorities will start to accept PTE results for immigration purposes)
  • Any person who wants to immigrate to New Zealand 
  • Any person who wants to study in Australia or New Zealand
  • Any doctor or nurse revalidating their diploma for either Australia or New Zealand
  • Any person who wants to study or immigrate to the UK and needs to take the PTE UKVI version


I would like to thank Rod and the school for their excellent work in guiding and training me to pass the PTE. Before taking classes with him, I had studied with other teachers and taken preparatory courses, but even after four attempts in the IELTS and three in the PTE, I had not been successful (I needed a 7 in all skills in the IELTS or a score of 65 in the PTE). I needed to improve my fluency and pronunciation, and for a while, I hadn’t been able to make progress in these areas.

However, with Rod’s experience and knowledge of the test, he was able to guide me in a direct and effective manner. It was with great joy that I shared the news that I finally passed with the required score in the PTE.

Thank you very much, Rod and the school team, for your excellent work. I am deeply grateful, and I cannot find the words to express my happiness. I highly recommend Rod and his company to anyone who wishes to achieve the best results in the PTE Academic.

Rafael Vianna, Brazil

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is the PTE Preparation Course?

That depends on several factors such as: target score, current English level, difficulties, and so on. 

We have had students that did their preparation in record time like 1 week and others in 6 months, it varies from case to case.

I am based in Asia, can you guys tutor me considering my time zone?

Absolutely. Our PTE instructors are based in different countries and we currently teach students from Australia, Dubai, India, The UK, Brazil, Colombia, and Canada, among other countries.

Are those live classes or recorded ones?

All classes are live classes with a PTE Instructor, although we provide you with access to our platform as well where you will find lots of useful pdfs and videos with extra tips, exercises, and hacks to practice.

Why there are no course prices on the website?

Because we work just like dentists and doctors who demand an initial assessment before anything is prescribed. We would rather understand your needs, and difficulties first so we can determine if and how we can help and only then give you a final investment based on it.

For example, if we feel your English level falls below the minimum required for the preparation we would prefer not to take you on board instead of hurting our reputation.

Are there in-person classes?

No, only online classes

Are the teachers native speakers?

Yes, all of our teachers are native speakers who have been teaching PTE for the last 10 years.

What kind of material is used in the PTE Preparation Course?

We use our own stuff based on years and years of testing, experience, past examinations and reversal engineering

How do you help a person who has failed the test several times when they join the school?

In our initial assessment, our experts will look at your past score reports and contrast them with your current English level in order to determine what possibly went wrong. Then, an action plan will be designed based on it.

What is your course success rate?

We are proud to say that 95,9% of our PTE students reached their goals.

How long is each class?

Anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours long. It all depends on your schedule, flexibility, and needs.

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