Tired of PTE Preparation Online Courses that only focus on the needs of Indian People?

Tired of not finding PTE instructors who can speak other languages such as Portuguese and Spanish, so they can clarify all your questions?

Tried those PTE courses and felt like it wasn’t for you?

frustrated with pte

That is exactly how I FELT when I first started my quest for a skilled worker visa in Australia. 

I signed up for course after course looking for a solution for my problem and…

NOTHING worked.

The Australian Dream

Before I tell you my story, let me introduce myself.

I am Jose Garcia, a 37-year-old Colombian Engineer who just like YOU always dreamed of living in Australia. 

Back in 2010, I came to Sydney to study English and literally fell in love…

With what I saw around me.

People are so friendly, the weather is amazing and is extremely safe here.

When I had to return to Colombia, my HEART was in my boots…


I had also made the decision back then to find my way into immigrating to Australia, and living there FOREVER

That is when all my problems started as one mandatory requirement was to pass either on IELTS or PTE Academic.

The score I had to achieve was pretty high on Both, 8 on IELTS or 79+ on PTE and…

Everyone I talked to said such a score would only be possible to reach on PTE, never on IELTS unless I was a native speaker or an English Teacher.

The Frustrated Search

So I started to browse on Google for PTE courses both in-person and online, BUT…

Initially what I found were either courses taught by Indian People who had a thick accent or online courses with no tailor-made lessons.

After trying around 5 of those courses and scoring no more than 40+, I was…

So SAD, literally bursting into tears.

I asked myself every day the same questions:

Will I never be able to pass on this test and immigrate to Australia?

How can those Indians score so high on PTE if their English is worse than mine?

What are the unrevealed SECRETS that those courses are not teaching me?

helping a cousin

Asking my Colombian/ Australian cousin for HELP

At that time I called a distant cousin of mine called Alejandra who had immigrated to Australia…

A long time ago…

I told her that we had a cousin in common named Carlos and asked if she could help me…

She promptly answered:

Of COURSE, you are family after all. What can I do for you?

Ale, you know, I really want to live in Australia but for that, I need to pass the PTE Exam. I tried different types of online classes but they didn’t work…

Teachers out there are either Indians that I can’t understand or Native Speakers that don’t really get the difficulties that I have as they don’t speak Spanish.

Ale: Well, Have you heard of Matt and Rob?

Me: No, who are they?

Ale: Those two are seasoned trilingual PTE Teachers from the US who helped many of my friends from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia to come here after scoring 79+….

They developed a Method called PAI 60 day (Pass and Immigrate in up to 60 days) after taking the test several times and decoding the secrets of the test.

mr rob call

Me: But do you think it really works?

Ale: Well once a friend of mine was looking on the web on how to prepare for PTE in 2 days for the speaking part. And just by reading one of their articles and following, she increased her previous score by 9 points.

My other friend named Karen Alvarez said:

“Mr. Rob, I can’t thank you ENOUGH for making this dream come through. Your templates gave me a peace of mind and allowed me to score 82 on my PTE”

 Me: Oh, interesting. And do you know how it works?

Ale: Yes, I do. Let me explain it to you.

3 easy steps to achieve 79+ in PTE 

You must send them either a Whatsapp or call them to set an appointment. So they can evaluate your English, understand your background and needs. 

My friends tell me that the appointment is non-negotiable. 

So if you just ask them for the price, they will not help you.

As they say, they only work on tailor-made programs and have no intention to help everyone but to help a few chosen ones who are really committed.

mr rob call

Once I saw an interesting slogan from them that read: 

“Don’t study to try, Study to pass” 

Next, either Rob or Matt will show you what has to be done and how it can be done.

Then, If you agree with their terms, they will mentor you.

And trust me on this, Jose. If they can’t help you, nobody can.

I have seen results from friends who followed their “How to practice PTE at home exercises and PAI 60 day method” that made my jaw drop.

Those friends I am talking about didn’t speak as well as you do.

Me: Thanks Ale, I will follow your advice.

So I took my cousin’s advice and started my program with Mr. Rob and in only 49 days I got 84 out of 90 on my PTE test, I was blown away.

In 2012, I finally went back to Sydney after completing my immigration process and getting a PR to live there. But ever since then, I decided that it was my duty to share this story with other people in the world who have the dream to come here and…

All they need is to get some support from those gifted teachers.

mr rob call




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