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Have you decided to take the TOEFL exam? Check out all you need to know… In order to take the major proficiency exam in the world…and how to ace it.

What is ETS TOEFL?

TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language

ETS created this exam to simplify the lives of those who need to prove their English proficiency. Especially in professional and academic settings.

 In addition, it also simplifies the application process for institutions which need their candidate to fluent in English – using an unbiased and unified assessment.


ETS – Educational Testing Services

This company is the largest private organization focused on designing tests and certifications like TOEFL in the globe. TOEFL is the most accepted test in the planet.


Just like the majority of TOEFL test takers, you probably fit into the same case. They have the need to prove their English skills for:

Job vacancies

Work purposes


Higher Studies

PS: In case you’re immigrating to Canada you can only take either IELTS or CELPIP.

So, let’s focus on the TOEFL IBT preparation, the best way to ready for taking the exam.

However, if you just want to check on your English level…

There is another option called TOEFL Essentials. This one is more viable given its shorter duration and more neutral English.

Learn the exam format

TOEFL focuses on testing your academic English. It measures the candidate´s level in 4 skills:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking

The exam lasts on average 3 hours and is divided into:

  • Reading: from 30 to 40 questions to be answered based on the texts available during the test. You have between 54 and 72 min depending on the number of questions;
  • Listening: from 28 to 39 questions to be answered in 41 to 57 min. The questions will be based on lectures and conversations you just listened;
  • 10 minute break;
  • Speaking: 10 minutes to answer 4 questions based on familiar topics and lectures presented during the exam;
  • Writing: 50 minutes to answer 2 writing topics;

Where can I take the test?

TOEFL IBT, just like the other famous English proficiency exams, normally takes place at official test centers. These places are spread across the globe and have flexible test dates. So you do not need to worry about booking it

You can check out the available test centers on ETS website.

TOEFL IBT Home Edition

Nowadays, a new possibility is to take TOEFL test online by doing the version called TOEFL IBT Home Edition. This format can be booked on any given day and time.

In order to be able to take your exam from the comfort of your home. You must comply with some requirements such as:

A 360 degree webcam

Quiet environment

An indoor room

In this format, rules such as not leave the video or keep your ears visible throughout the test must be followed. In case, you do not comply with them you will be disqualified.

How to prep for the TOEFL Exam?

Besides reaching your aimed score on the exam. It’s also important to guarantee you reach the highest possible score. So you can open doors than you ever thought to be possible.

For this to be possible, a good study schedule must be applied. Check here some of the most effective ways to reach a score that more than proves your proficiency level.

Practice test TOEFL

The first step towards a successful path is…

Take a practice test for free on ETS website.

Once you get your results from it. You will have an idea not only of where you stand in terms of English proficiency but also which are your weak areas. In addition, this action will familiarize you with the test.

One important thing…

The mock test is for free so you can take it as many times as you need.

A hot tip is to time yourself…

This will enable you to know the time spent on each question you answer.

Speaking TOEFL practice

The most feared part of the exam is for sure the speaking. So you should study as hard as you can for this skill…

Pay attention to the real TOEFL IBT questions .And work on answering them as fast as you can without jeopardizing your answers.

For this step…

It’s important to study with someone like a friend, family member or a teacher who can properly evaluate your responses…

If you study by yourself you won’t get fully familiarized with the questions…not to mention…

You won’t be getting any feedback…

Surely, you might know someone who is going through a similar situation as you. So you can both help each other.

Books and Guides

If you consider yourself to be self-taught. What you need to do is to buy a book focused on TOEFL Preparation to help you.

Reminder: Take notes and organize them, so you get lost in your studies.

Preparation Courses

If you are able to invest on a preparation course, for sure your results on the test will be rewarding. A dedicated professor will help us by identifying our weakness, showing us the best way to study. This will shape our mindset in a way we won’t be making silly mistakes on the exam.

Expose yourself to English as much as you can

Do not waste time…

Once you made up your mind about taking the exam and scoring high…

Get in touch with Academic English as much as you can…

It’s easy to get used to talking by using street language…BUT…


TOEFL IBT is all about formal English, the one which will be spoken at Universities.

An excellent way to prep for…

The test is to watch lectures made available by universities.

Also write small essays to help you get familiar with Academic English.

Work on controlling your Focus for the test day

Make sure that during your study time you keep your focus to the highest…

Avoid distractions…

Choose a place where you won’t be interrupted, like on the test day.

Just like our muscles, our brain also can be adapted through resistance.

So start studying gradually and as the days go by…

You can increase the study time.

Do it until you reach a similar time length of the exam.

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