IELTS Band 7 Essay Samples

IELTS Essay Sample Band 7

There are benefits to studying abroad, at least for part of one’s higher education. All students should try to include at least one year of a study-abroad program in their university or college education.

There are benefits to studying abroad, at least for part of one’s higher education. All students should try to include at least one year of a study-abroad program in their university or college education. 

To what extent do you agree with this statement?  

It is generally claimed that all students should have a foreign experience while they are in their academic education. I strongly agree with this opinion, and in this essay I will support my view with some examples. 

Firstly, there is no doubt that studying abroad is essential for people to increase their educational abilities and broaden their horizons. This reason is because they might be able to learn with professors and colleagues from different backgrounds and cultures. For instance, I can be mentioned as a university student that received a scholarship to visit the University of Alberta in Canada. Never had I had such a remarkable apprenticeship before. On that occasion, I worked with a professor that changed my perspective about nursing and our patients’ needs. After that moment, I was able to develop excellent skills and adapt some health interventions to our issues as a developing country. However, this experience can be pricey for students. Furthermore, scholarships are unavailable nowadays and the government has been cutting down plenty of investments on this area. To solve this matter, it is fundamental that politicians must create new educational programs overseas. Consequently, students will improve their qualifications and the society will be notably benefited from this development.  

Secondly, studying in foreign country is the best alternative to be proficiently in a second language proficiently. This happens because it gives an immersion in the new language, being in contact with the native accent and a variety of vocabulary every day. To illustrate, a friend of mine can be cited as an example of someone that has fluency in Spanish. She went to Madrid to do her post-graduation and lived there for two years. Only in this way could she achieve success on the proficiency exam test. Undoubtedly, if she did not live in Spain, she would not be prepared to take her test successfully. Additionally, there are a significant number of people who did not live abroad and fail in their proficiency test. An alternative to tackle this issue is to encourage students to live in a different country in order to speak another language fluently. As a result, they might be able to reach their goals easily.

In conclusion, it is widely known the benefits of living abroad to university students. In my opinion, it provides vital experience in terms of career and acquiring a new language, such as qualification of professional skills and fluency. 

Esse é um exemplo de band 7, embora se note alguns erros de word choice, preposições, tempos verbais e ortografia. Em linhas gerais ele foi bem escrito e responde a questão.

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